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Recent additions to our large inventory

Save TIME and MONEY with Surplus and Reconditioned Equipment!

Allen Bradley IntelliCENTER Motor Control Center, 110 vertical Sections with a large assortment of starter buckets size 0 thru size 5, 200-300 HP SMC Dialog Plus Solid State Starters, and circuit breaker feeder buckets. Atlas Electric can reconfigure complete lineups to suit your application or sell individual buckets.

Cooper 2500 KVA Pad-Mount Transformers 13800-480Y/277 volt, three phase, Class OA, 65 degree C rise,  5.5 % Impedance. Three each.

NEW SURPLUS 15 KV Power Distribution Center with ABB ADVAC SafeGear Arc-Resistant Metal-Clad Switchgear, 3000-AMPS, 15 KV with 3000 amp Main-Tie-Main Vacuum Circuit Breakers, 2 each 2000 amp Vacuum Feeder Circuit Breakers and 28 each 1200 amp Vacuum Feeder Circuit Breakers. The breakers come with Schweitzer SEL-351 Protection Systems. The PDC also comes with HVAC system, indoor, and outdoor lighting. Atlas Electric can reconfigure and customize this PDC and/or Switchgear to suit your application.

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